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Sparks Law | January 13th, 2017

At Sparks Law, we believe that every business both deserves and requires high quality legal services at an affordable rate. To understand who we are and what we do, it’s important to look at the legal services market as a whole to “place us on the map.” These days, we have two extremes: on the low end, you have the fill in the blank online legal services companies and on the high end you have the traditional law firms that charge by the hour, but there’s really nothing offered in the middle.

On the low end, online legal service companies are cheap and efficient but they put the burden of filing in the blank on the business owner, providing a false sense of security. At Sparks Law, we efficiently guide our clients to make informed legal decisions for solutions that fit their business. We tell our clients often that “you are not a fill in the blank company, and you deserve more than fill in the blank legal services.”

On the high end, you have traditional law firms that create a false sense of omniscience, as if they know it all and can bill you for it. But at Sparks Law, we believe the business owner should be in control of their legal budget, just like everything else in their business. We offer predictable, flat-fees. You set the budget, and you’ll always know the cost because of our no burn billing policy.

At Sparks Law, our Corporate Counsel Initiative plan has boiled down the four fundamental tasks that an in-house attorney performs for their business clients. The first three of these are relatively similar for every business, and the fourth changes a great deal from business to business.

1. The first is simply answering questions that the business owners have on a day to day business. Entrepreneurs are creative people, and they need to know the legal ramifications of their ideas, should they carry them out.

2. The second is a legal review of the corporate law aspects of their business, such as terms and conditions forms, partnership agreements, employment contracts, and so on.

3. The third is to keep the business owner updated on changes in the law that they need to be aware of. This is monumentally important, given that government agencies are apt to audit companies from time to time, and if they are not up to date on regulatory requirements, the business can be lost.

4. The fourth, which changes considerably from business to business is the actual drafting of contracts for the company, litigating on the company’s behalf, and so forth.

Since the first three of these include a similar amount of work from company to company, we offer the first three for just $195 a month.

Give us a call today, we look forward to helping your business grow!