Terms of Services


We are pleased to offer a monthly subscription service, as a valuable option for our clients.  Subscribers have effortless access to a knowledgeable attorney, who will provide the same services that an in-house counsel would provide to a business, for a fraction of the cost! 

Our plan includes the following services:

  • Up to one hour per month of legal advice, consultations, and/or contract analysis (a $275 value).  We’ll keep track of how much consultation time you’ve used each month and let you know when you’re close to the limit. You can decide whether you want to pay for more attorney time or wait until next month;
  • A monthly comprehensive review of a major segment of your business (a $950 annual value);
  • Monthly reports on developments in the law applicable to business owners; and
  • Low hourly rate of $175 for additional attorney time throughout the month.


For a fee of $195 per month, we offer all of these services to our Corporate Counsel Initiative subscribers.  New subscribers can save an additional 10% off their subscription if their first year is paid up front.

If you are interested in learning more about the Corporate Counsel Initiative, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We want to act as your go-to law firm. In addition to our Corporate Counsel Initiative, we offer many other business law services. We strive to be an integral part of your team. Our goal is to help you handle these legal matters, so you can concentrate on your business.