Maintaining Your Business

SPARKS Law puts the BUSINESS OWNER in CONTROL of their legal decisions.

a team meeting in a corporate officeUnlike traditional law firms that create a “false sense of omniscience” in an attempt to build themselves up as worthy of high fees, the SPARKS team is here to SERVE small businesses, by providing EASIER ACCESS to necessary legal processes and procedures.

We put the BUSINESS OWNER IN CONTROL by keeping you apprised of the steps, timeline and budgets for legal projects; then, we allow YOU to set the priorities to fit your schedule and your budget.

We start with our PROVEN, TRACKABLE PROCESSES for key services, such as our Sparks Business Review, Anti-Friction Contract Audits, and Trademarks by Sparks.

You don’t need expensive in-house counsel. We will earn our way to be your “COUNSEL ON CALL” — a resource you can fire up whenever you need us.

SPARKS Law is the place to start when you have a legal decision to make.